About Jennifer Mellone and JMelPhoto

- Getting Started

It all started when I was barely a teenager taking photos at Fenway Park with an inexpensive film camera. I asked my father why the photos were blurry and why I could not see the baseball players up close. He bought me a 35mm film camera for my 16th birthday and taught me the meaning of finesse and how to care for expensive equipment. I took vacation photos through the years and started supplementing my film photos with digital snapshots in 2003 and ultimately switched over to digital SLR when I returned from serving in the war in Afghanistan in 2007.

I established my website in 2013 and launched the JMelPhoto business in 2015. What does "JMel" mean? A colleague started referring to me as "JMel", which is shorthand for Jennifer Mellone.

- Philosophy

My photography style is simple. I start with pure subjects and strive to enhance my images without making drastic changes. Continuous learning and improvement is my goal for photography and anything else in life for that matter. I focus on photographing the places where I am the most relaxed or intrigued by the uniqueness, joy, and beauty of my surroundings. I love to get out and about in the fresh air with my husband. Sharing photos is like sharing a meal that I am proud to serve with “the good things” - people, conversation, food, and wine - where memories are created and preserved.

- Honors

1. I entered the U.S. State Department Art in Embassies “Serving Abroad…Through Their Eyes” photo contest in 2012. It was open to military and civilians working abroad during a specified time period. I was listed as one of 89 finalists, but was not one of the top 12. Competition was stiff, as professional military and civilian photographers/photojournalists along with amateurs submitted over 2000 photos. I am proud to report that my inexpensive digital camera snapshot ("Bunker Hill, Afghan Style") of two Afghan National Army soldiers sitting on a bunk bed on a hill at their guard post in Afghanistan is hanging up in a corridor in the Pentagon, with my name displayed as the photographer. I may not accept any royalties from this photo per contest rules, but received permission from “Art in Embassies” to post the photo on my website and take credit as the photographer. The Pentagon display of the finalists’ photos is shown here with courtesy from “Art in Embassies”, but my photo is not visible in these photos of the Pentagon corridors. However, I was in Washington, DC in Summer 2013 and received permission from OSD Public Affairs to have my husband take a snapshot of me with my photo (see my bio photo).

2. In April 2014, one of my photos of the Big Sur Pfeiffer Beach Arch ("Whitewater and Light through the Arch") won Honorable Mention in a Big Sur photo contest held at Carmel Visual Arts in Carmel, CA.

3. One day I photographed a US Navy Knox Class Frigate sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge ("USS Roarke Sails under Golden Gate Bridge"). I submitted it to the Public Affairs Office at Naval Station Treasure Island, and they published it in their newspaper "Masthead" on May 15, 1992.

4. I won a black and white photo contest while attending college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, MA ("Windmill – Jamestown, RI") and shot photos for the school newspaper and yearbook in college.

See my "Honors and Publications" Gallery to view the aforementioned photos, which are not for sale.

- Where to Find Me

By appointment (anytime), Urban Village Farmers Market (UVFM) in Campbell, CA (monthly), and Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival (annual).

Jennifer Mellone - JMelPhoto

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